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December 9, 2009
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The Kysin by JayneFolest The Kysin by JayneFolest
TL;DR : The Kysin are a race of "magic" users, with several modified into 80-100ft tall battlesuit/power-armour wearing fighters.


The Kysin, (Singular Kysin, Common pronunciation Key-sin,) Are a race of giant humanoids native to the Planet Kysin, its location still unknown. They were first discovered frozen in cryogenic slumber on the ruins of a planetoid within a thirty light-years distance from Sol.

General characteristics:

Kysins are humanoid in nature, and proportionately identical to humans. The distinguishing features of Kysins are their purple irises, along with their hair; which ranges between the blue and green colours of the visible spectrum. Due to a dominance of copper and zinc in their blood, Kysins have green blood, which contributes to a pale complexion with barely noticeable hints of green.
The Kysin lifespan is approximately one hundred and fifty years, with the onset of middle age at roughly eighty years of age.

Humans and Kysin are capable of interbreeding, due to genetic equivalence. However, exceptions among individuals do exist.

Both male and female Kysins exist.


Kysins are extremely similar to humans in internal and external structure, though several key differences exist.

Firstly, unlike iron in Human blood, the dominant metals in Kysin blood are copper and zinc. This results in green blood, not unlike several species of terran invertebrates. This contributes to a pale complexion in the average Kysin, with barely noticeable tinges of green. It is unknown if this contributes to their unique hair and iris colours along with a comparative lack of body hair, and if so, to what extent.

Secondly, the Kysin posses an efficient circulatory system. With a heart consisting of three muscle valves, the circulation of oxygen throughout the body occurs at an impressive rate. It is also theorized that the unique composition of Kysin blood allows for oxygen to be stored for a longer period of time, allowing greater survival rates in near-vacuums such as space.

The Kysin can largely be divided are divided into two sub-races, one of which is gigantic in size. This comparatively small sub-race appears to have developed from artificial means; according to individual accounts of Kysin survivors both giant and not, individuals from the giant sub-race were not so prior to their capture. (See Below)

The giant sub-race possesses a number of key differences from their unmodified relatives. Most notable is the presence of an alien mineral within their skeletal structure. While its properties are still largely unknown, it appears to be metallic, and allows for a dramatically improved structural integrity of the modified Kysin skeleton. Furthermore, it is uncannily lightweight; the average giant Kysin weighing only 45 metric tonnes despite being close to 30 meters tall. Trace amounts of this mineral is also found in the muscle structure of the modified Kysin, and is speculated to have an influence on their disproportionately increased strength and sensory perceptions.

The Kysin are also the only known beings to have an innate talent for ‘Ley Magic’; being the limited manipulation of physical matter and energies though means largely unknown, speculated to be linked to the harnessing of unique spatial properties. While observed to have properties similar to telekinesis displayed by Alareen Psions, several aspects, such as the mending of wounds, appear fundamentally different.


The origins of the Kysin remain largely unknown, and are initially discovered by the Coalition during early raids/expeditions in Vornin ruins and facilities in the early 2470s. A large number of Kysin, both modified and unmodified, have been freed from stasis in the Machine War of 2500, and have since been integrated into selected colonies with other races. This was made easy due to the small population of the Kysin, with numbers for the unmodified ranging around two hundred and half that for the modified.


Kysins are extremely social, similar to the Alareen. Surviving members appear to be familiar with each other prior, and accounts have indicated that Kysin society functions as a singular commune.

Kysins have a tendency to be curious and lacking in human social inhibitions. While only resulting in minor nuisances for unmodified Kysins, interactions with modified individuals often result in awkward scenarios. This explains the Coalition’s reluctance in introducing integrated quarters for the Kysin, despite allowing them to roam freely. This is, however, mitigated by the Kysins’ potential to learn and adapt, with several of them quickly picking up acceptable levels of social interaction. Kysins also appear to be pre-disposed towards positive social interaction, though this sentiment may arise due to significant levels of isolation- only a handful of Kysins are assigned to each colony. The separation of individuals from their communal lifestyles prior to capture should also be taken into consideration.

Despite these tendencies, however, Kysins show much of the same variation in demeanour and morals as humans do, and it can be foolish and even lethal to assume all Kysins friendly.

Sexuality and Love:

Kysins are, compared to humans, extremely open about their relationships and intimacy. While largely monogamous, Kysin society operates as a commune, allowing for interactions of closer intimacy to occur between individuals. It has been speculated that the Kysin are to an extent poly-amorous.

Kysin relationships are largely heterosexual, although most exhibit a propensity to be physically romantic with members of the same gender, barring copulation. This lends credence to the speculation that Kysins are by nature pan-romantic. Curiously, physical intimacy has been observed to increase between individuals of differing scales, even with members of other species such as Humans and Alareens. The reasons for this have never been fully explored, although it is speculated that the size disparity ironically aids in overcoming physical gender differences.

Given the communal nature of Kysin society, nudity is perfectly acceptable and not uncommon in instances of hot weather. Given the animated reactions of Humans and Alareens alike, however, surviving Kysins have been quick to adopt contemporary standards of clothing, albeit grudgingly.

Habitat and Population:

The Kysin planet is yet to be located, and as such, information to native Kysin habitats relies on anecdotal accounts of survivors.

The Kysin are said to live on a largely tropical climate with little seasonal variation. Accounts detail a comparatively primitive ecosystem, with large, slow reptiles and marsupials making up the majority of mammals. Having little natural threats, the Kysin society rapidly developed, though still retaining a compact, communal form.


The Kysin language is surprisingly basic and versatile, and can be adapted to most known languages.

Spoken Kysin is structured around sets of pronunciations for each individual ‘type’, resulting in different ‘words’ from the same Anglicized pronunciation.

The written form of Kysin consists of a set of fixed characters, about five thousand in number. Similar to Asian languages of Earth, each character has a fixed associated meaning, and is linked to its own pronunciation. However, the Kysin characters go further in that they are often strung together to create new words and meanings, not unlike an alphabet. The grammatical and sentence structuring of the Kysin language is also very similar to both Human and Alareen, allowing what little variation to be easily overcome.

Spirituality and Religion:

The Kysin hold a very primitive concept of spirituality, most subscribing to a belief in an afterlife and greater levels of existence. However, the extent of the Kysin spiritual beliefs end here, and they appear to be content with ambiguous, undecided ideals. Consequently, the Kysin are not known to practise any form of worship.

Art, Music and Literature:

Similar to Humans and Alareens, the Kysin have a developed culture, based centrally around the pleasing of the physical senses. Products of creativity ranging from sculptures and paintings to toys and pictures exist alongside literary works. However, no surviving pieces are known to exist.

Surviving members have, however, taken to adapting human forms of art, most noticeably in their fashion, although a few individuals have been known to have recreated Kysinean pieces from available materials.


Kysin society is very much communal, based upon an integrated system of families towards a singular, tight-knit commune. Accounts detail a small population size, compared to both Humans and Alareens, allowing for such a societal structure to be feasible. Prior to the events leading to their capture, the Kysin have known no large scale conflict, instead focusing their attention to the utilization of their mineral rich environment.

One interesting aspect of Kysin society is that societal roles are not gender differentiated, it being acceptable for either gender to pick up any social role. It is speculated that this is influenced by the fact that both Kysin males and females are equally structured, in terms of density and muscle mass, although males often remain taller.


Due to a lack of natural threats and a small, communal society, the Kysin had a lack of any organized military until forced to develop one to fend off the sudden threats of the Vornin.

Around 2400 B.C. in the Human calendar, the Vornin began a series of offensive probes into the Kysin home planet, provoking the Kysin to develop weapons and a military structure from ground up. This resulted in a loosely organised military involving the entire society.

Military make up:

The Kysin military is loosely organized into offensive attackers and defensive supporters. Due to the nature of the Vornin probes, the Kysin became heavily reliant on melee combat, developing a series of battle suits augmenting their own physical capabilities and “Ley” talents.

Kysin military operations are also largely individualistic, with small groups and even individuals taking on Vornin probes. This is not to say that organized operations are impossible.
Despite such measures, the defeat of the Kysin as a race was inevitable, with the entire society wiped out and ravaged within a single day. Based on the nature of aguments performed on captured Kysin, it has been speculated that the Vornin were in fact “training” the race towards a specified form of combat before harvesting and converting them into specialised troops. Against what adversary, however, remains a mystery.


All modified Kysin are equipped with a facsimile of the original power armours they developed, though revamped into uniform design and updated with Vornin technology where applicable.

Standard Kysin suits consist of a skin-tight under-suit, tough enough to protect against small arms fire, with overlaid plates of armour attached onto the wearer’s form. Once completed, the suit itself functions as a self-contained environment allowing the user to survive and perform in all terrains, including space. “Ley” enhancing stabilizers built onto the backs also allow for sustained atmospheric flight, while acting as additional balance compensators in zero gravity situations. Each suit is also equipped with a forearm shield, mounted on the user’s master am, which may emit a blast or contained stream of charged particles, essentially a particle beam generator. The properties of such particles have yet to be fully understood, and may give more insight onto the nature of “Ley” forces.

The value of a fully suited modified Kysin was experienced first-hand in one of the earlier contacts, resulting in large losses to UEC equipment before successful dialogue. The sheer mobility, mass, and strength of the individual was a force to be reckoned with, allowing her quickly avoid lethal fire and close in on large vehicles. Two cruisers and one armoured carrier incapacitated, before communications were finally established.

Conversely, non-modified Kysin have been rescued without any equipment, though are similarly valuable in their innate talent of “Ley” manipulation. Individuals have been observed to easily close open wounds and rejuvenate subjects without any direct contact. Several have also demonstrated abilities to alter physical states of matter, such as condensing water vapour in the surrounding air, or igniting dust particles and oxygen to create combustions of varying degrees.

As of the present, all Kysins are incorporated into the Coalition’s military, holding full-time positions and remunerations.


For :icondurendal5150:'s Legacyverse

Also, the kysin guy's going all " :( " because he's the only shirtless one.

Fullview please.
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